AM PM Capsules (15 Day Supply)

AM PM Capsules (15 Day Supply)

A BREAKTHROUGH IN WEIGHT CONTROL! The AM (DayTime) and PM (NightTime) Capsules in this fast acting weight control supplement contain premium ingredients  to help burn the fat and kill the hunger, so you can lose the weight.

One AM Capsule for DayTime! The specialized formula in the AM Supplement helps promote weight loss with naturally derived ingredients that target fat burning, increase energy and enhance metabolism during your most active hours while helping you keep hunger at bay all day long.

One PM Capsule for NightTime! The specialized formula in the PM Supplement helps promote weight loss with a focus on evening appetite suppression, reducing cravings and snacking, and helping you wind down to rest.  And when you finally close your eyes to sleep, special naturally derived ingredients support continued fat burning and metabolism all night long.

Suggested use: Take one AM Capsule first thing in the morning upon awakening and 1 PM Capsule about an hour before dinner.